Sleep deprived mums

This blog is dedicated to a very old friend from Australia, who contacted me the other day, after many many years and inspired me to write this. She is a kind, honest, hard working, talented friend, who took the plunge and followed her dream, she moved away from the comfort of her surroundings to buy her ideal dream farm with no power or tv, with snakes as her friends and a shed for a home until she builds one.I admire her courage and determination, and I admire her strength of character, she like me has no parents, so takes on the world with the tools that she has at hand....she had a beau

Coconut water vs sports drink

Coconut water in Tobago was introduced to me by Emily Dawson of on my first ever trip to Tobago in 2007' there is a man who sits by the road cracking open coconuts from dawn to dusk, he's covered by a modest tarp to stop the intense rays on sunshine beating down on his back, he is elderly but strong in his arms from his work, my sister and he have kindled a sort of friendship, from the years of visiting him and buying his water.

FITmummy goes to Paris

FITmummy goes to Paris.....

My son and I were in Paris for the weekend, Spring in Paris........Beautiful.

I recount my story as I feel that any single mother travelling with her young child alone in Paris, a city of underground trains, and busy people, too busy to help you to lift your buggy up and down numerous flights of stairs....It was times like this I gave thanks for being a Personal Trainer, with strong arms and legs, that allowed me to lug my 2 year old son, in his buggy, up and down more flights of stairs than I can remember. Hey, it was a brilliant work out!

Rugby Tots

My son is two years old and started Rugby Tots three weeks ago it is an Irish owned local business. If you are looking for somewhere for your child to run around on a saturday morning, Niall (the owner) has locations all around Dublin, I highly recommend giving it a go, he offers a free trial session, to see if you little one enjoys it, George loves it, he is the youngest in the group, but seems to be able to hold his own, its indoors in Applewood Community Centre but they are everywhere!

Adrenaline Junkie

Fitness should be should be something you do because you want to, not because you HAVE to.
With this philosophy you will find in time, you will start to enjoy what you are doing, think about it for a moment, what interests you in the world of fitness, I will use myself as an example.....adrenaline junkie, maybe?
I love the outdoors, I love a challenge, I love to test my limits, hence my entering a race this weekend....To hell and back "Irelands toughest 10km challenge"
Nervous? yes, Exited? yes.......